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About Skills Evaluator


With Skills Evaluator you can easily evaluate employees and/or position candidates’ skills.

You can create questionnaires with scores attached to questions and then see the participants’ scores and their relevant performance against the average of all participants.

Skills evaluator automatically ranks participants based on your questions assigned points.

Questions can be: Yes-No, Numeric Range, Correct Answer, Multiple Choice Single Answer, Multiple choice Multiple Answers, Free Text Questions and have negative or positive scores.

Then you can contact the users that interest you for CV and/or further discussions.

Skills evaluator makes it easy to get the interest you need and filter participants without the need of reading CVs that, most of the times, you can’t compare or are out of your interest.

By setting the right questions you can easily avoid receiving requests that don't match your needs.

On the other hand, as a candidate, you can respond fast since you don't have to complete all the boring and, most of the times, wasted information of traditional job application forms.

Usually Skills Evaluator forms can be filled in less than 90 seconds.

Skills evaluator is the fast, accurate and friendly way of  getting the right people, and the right people don't want to spend 30 minutes on CV forms when with less than 10 questions (most of them multiple choice ones) you can filter the top 5 out of hundreds of submissions.

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